Will Amazon Soon Be Able to Offer Same-Day Delivery? Will That Kill Local Retailers?

The answer to the first question is “it’s getting close.”  The answer to the second question is “it will kill some.”  Here’s an article from Slate.  Note that Amazon is simultaneously giving up its fight against having to pay sales tax in places where it does not have a physical presence AND establishing a physical presence in order to provide same-day delivery. (LH)


One thought on “Will Amazon Soon Be Able to Offer Same-Day Delivery? Will That Kill Local Retailers?

  1. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around retail becoming a sort of wholesale set-up, with products stored in warehouses instead of brick and mortar stores. Delivery services will then become paramount — companies like FedEx and UPS and maybe even the poor post office will expand greatly and hire tons of people, I guess. Unless the “cute” Kiva robots end up doing everything. A matchmaking service will be devoted exclusively to deliverers and recipients of online goods — you’ll be able to scan names and photos of people delivering to particular zip codes.

    I think ultimately, people still want to physically be around people but the venues where they meet will change. Shopping venues are just not usually that fun — cranky kids, perfume salewomen trying to corral you into their counter-topped lairs, the long lines, bored cashiers and snooty boutique owners. Perhaps the small businesses on main streets and in malls will just be all cafes and restaurants, where people meet to discuss their lives, recent purchases, and compare efficiency of delivery services. Perhaps wi-fi places where people can shop online next to each other. Anyone else see other things happening in the future if Amazon becomes a same-day delivery powerhouse?

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