Penn’s Building Boom Kicks into a New Phase

That’s the headline from a recent Inquirer article on proposed Penn development on the east side of the Schuylkill River.  Perhaps a final paper topic?




The Cost of Cuts to Public Housing Authorities

A report I’ve been working on since last last year is finally done and published.  The Cost of Cuts: The Impact of Reductions in Capital Investment to Public Housing Authorities is a look at the negative impacts that occur as a result of cuts in capital funding to public housing authorities. The link above will take you to a page where you can access the full report plus a press release. 

PS Students, this is assigned reading so I will post to Blackboard shortly.


State auditor general: Charters draining $365M annually

Pennsylvania taxpayers could save $365 million each year if it fixed the state’s flawed formula for funding cyber and charter schools, state Auditor General Jack Wagner said Wednesday.

Pennsylvania has 167 charters, including 80 in Philadelphia that enroll 46,000 students.

Wagner said the state’s charter schools spend an average of $13,411 per student, against a national average of $10,000.


AVI, Eastwick

This was the good article I mentioned in class, which I thought did a good job of covering all of the issues associated with AVI: Crunch Time.

Also, in the same issue of the City Paper, there was a good article about the proposed Eastwick development by Korman Residential.  Another example of a number of intersecting issues, in this case political/environmental/economic/neighborhood/traffic.  (Disclosure: Econsult did the economic impact study for Korman and provided testimony at the hearing last Tuesday.)