NY Prisons for Sale!

NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo plans to sell off old prisons to cut costs and spark economic development… Seems as if this is becoming a trend, as Philly is working to rid itself of its vacant properties, too.

–Last year, Governor Cuomo formed a facility closure team, composed of agency commissioners, that meets weekly to go property by property to find more that can be sold.“Instead of spending millions maintaining facilities we don’t need,” said Howard B. Glaser, director of state operations, “the governor’s approach saves taxpayers millions and opens up transformative economic development and investment opportunities in communities across the state.”


— Joe Semsar


2 thoughts on “NY Prisons for Sale!

  1. The NYT’s Charles Blow wrote a thoroughly depressing column about Louisiana’s prisons, in response to an 8-part series written by published by The Times-Picayune of New Orleans about “how the state’s largely private prison system profits from high incarceration rates and tough sentencing, and how many with the power to curtail the system actually have a financial incentive to perpetuate it.”


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